Karen Kilimnik

... For “Psyché,” a new production choreographed by Alexei Ratmansky for the Paris Opera Ballet, Kilimnik started from a selection of pre-existing paintings to create five massive, dreamlike backdrops, including an enchanting, moonlit forest and a garden resplendent with clouds, flowers and perfume bottles. She then augmented these with rhinestones, glitter and, for good measure, a host of two-dimensional objects like the five-foot snail that enters and exits the stage at various points during the performance...



Turner, Monet, Twombly: Later Paintings
Moderna Museet

... Their late work has a looseness and an intensity that comes from the confidence of age, when notions of finish and completion are modified. A review of earlier preoccupations and a strong sense of mortality are also common characteristics of this period of life...


Poul Gernes

It was a question of keeping art’s social moral dimension in mind. In response to this problem, Poul Gernes was an incurable moralist. In an interview with Jens-Jørgen Thorsen, he constructed a model of comparison with other professions. “A doctor is there to repair a broken arm. A bicycle mechanic is there to put on a new crank. A carpenter repairs the broken leg of a chair. An artist is there to repair a broken morale.” (Aktuelt Weekend, July 15, 1962)

Mara Korkola Opening at Douglas Udell Gallery, Vancouver

Winter was hard 37, triptych, oil on panel, 14" x 11"/panel

Natural Response: Mara Korkola, Harry Savage + Robert Guest
Opening October 15
Douglas Udell Gallery 
1566 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver 


Red at the NGA, DC

Still Life with Asparagus and Red Currants
Adriaen Coorte

The Girl with the Red Hat (detail)
c. 1665
Johannes Vermeer